Pupil or man

In the title: “pupil” – published past at principal derivative news Internet sites of Vatican it՚s an original English translation of term from Pope Benedict XVI՚s say, here used in meaning alike of there.In present‐day world, world of workers՚ labour going at all levels of everything management՚s/carrying՚s hierarchy, of capitalist labour for money or communist one from obligation — labour understood the same — it՚s would to think about what is so really a human՚s need, because after all as if that labour is carried for reason of needs. From me in this meaning it՚s something other, what is essence of life: who I՚ll say (or said in the past) some words for and why. Because I wanted to some short fragment of way was traveled beside on understanding of encountered world, when I said for example „go with me” with not spoken meaning: „on that why you՚re traveling a space partial the same way”, but after all I wasn՚t saying „follow me”.⁅the Bible➪Mt 8:22, Mt 9:9, Mk 2:14, Łk 5:27, J 1:43, J 21:19, J 21:22⁆ And this way had could be traveled not only because my offer: because somebody՚s one or nobody՚s. But what was in the offer? If was that workers՚ labour in it? And I have could say something from else՚s expectation to have listen something having no meaning, for acquiring by somebody expected delusion of common way.

In order to a way could be traveled beside it՚s indispensable to encountering somebody, who or will wish to join, or will wish to join me, or nobody will wish anything early but he՚s find oneself while traveling. But that enconteuring is possible only when somebody does something in the world in the time, and it՚s not when somebody works because he has to carry something. Works which are works of machines… And later there is time is free of work, and a man considers what to do. At that time he is on a way and he doesn՚t understand the world but deludes himself that now he is free and can do what he wants, but he really is not able.It՚s already worldly of European continent՚s civilization, of Antiquity, and later worldly of the globe — labour ‚liberation’ for freemasonry ideals, it had accomplishing after the Middle Ages, when people communities becomeing incorporated into such realization, without need to obtaining stated membership. So also there was constructed the name in English, where things are expressed vividly blunt: ‘freemason’ it is somebody going to be free, but he is slave of ordered work, without understanding of world, but for promise of freedom, based on giveing a made possibility of limited purchase. And that not a so called worker — everybody is such worker, mental slave, who doesn՚t understand needs and later is on a way to nowhere by nothing or something.

Since that is just a question — knowing yet about the word while traveling, not that to persons who are alongside, as that could be in custom: if do I take care of people? Or these met while traveling, or these met alongside, and maybe of people generally, of gathered people. It would be untruth to tell I don՚t take care of. But I don՚t take care of them in that sense so how it seems is an ideal care, a carefulisity. In general I don՚t take care of, but I understand what is taking place around, so I don՚t ignore that. Countless times I have leave people next to difficult decisions which they must make, in oneself lifes. If have I help them? Probably haven՚t. Maybe a little to understand what is taking place, but that՚s all.

Always there is coming such a moment when a man realizes himself that he has to do something actually, because not doing is one of decisions, doing something other. In present‐day world, in insignificant quantity of appearances people have possibility of making decisions about that what they՚ll do, which way they՚ll choose and why. Because now the choosing way, which was for need of do something real, is called the job selection, which doesn՚t realize the need and is activity of mechanical movement on a road — for strict marked time and place. I recognize people who do something or also need to do something and it՚s seen that will be real and that isn՚t into direction of mechanical work — and for them every time I send these words „go with me” fragment of way since that՚s just the same way, and it only when just I want that. That՚s normality… In present times – abnormality in social expectation, and for this reason usually there are not met such necessities, but in spite of it they appear non‐unique, depending on people milieu, and after all they aren՚t an aim, to create it from lack of needs apart them.

And going with me or me with somebody beside a way isn՚t symptom of love. Next word being forged on the basis of observations by people who have their expectations, on a mass scale in relation to all: they have their desires, as if they՚d like to avail oneself of an opportunity of being with somebody on empty road, doing nothing. After all nobody says „follow me”, and only that is a suggestion of love, when first is normality. In present‐day world many essential words have forged, but these essential had forged even in an old world yet, but my understanding of way is on truth about intention and what it՚s do byself“Byself” is like “myself” if said as „to do on” with clearity: ⁃no (first) person is selected/pointed, here used just the one last saying is fading indirectly (form drop, as you never read this comment) after border of word/sentence, ⁃this person does something as if you just have see, you don՚t know why do and can՚t think who is responsible, but you know everything has painted by words before, so you aren՚t first seeing anyway. There is no special meaning: the word is used as one from inflexion group, created by concatenation like other word. because it՚s need byself.

Activities carried repeatedly, mechanically, when a man is unable to realize byself, naturally, aren՚t a help people, and only alternatively thoughtless supporting missing function of body while further decomposition of man, declining of mind working for understanding of world.

On some leading line (“follow me”) this article isn՚t against meaning of the Gospel (chapter of the Bible), but it only suggests that this expression read without sense of a whole given at other parts of the Gospel where it is Jesus has walking ·together· with so‐called pupils — is a falsehood created on translations during Reformation for makeing a primitive image of perfect duty without the human person.